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Adult Classes Now Forming:
March 8th (Sold Out)
May 10th Tuesday 6:30pm

September 13th 6:30pm
November 8th 6:30pm

Classes are only $295.00 per person and taught at 
The Brokerage Comedy Club    (516) 810-5447
2797 Merrick Road
Bellmore, NY

Classes run throughout the year.


Watch a clip filmed by Newsday's Explore Long Island

Watch another clip filmed by Newsday's Explore Long Island
NEW 12/16/12

Time To Follow Your Dream!

Stand-Up University is a first rate school instructed by Professional Comedians who teach the fine art of stand-up comedy. Over this seven week course students are encouraged to create and perform an original 5-8 minute routine which depicts the comical essence of whom they really are. Each week students get up on stage to work on their "act" with exercises designed to hone their comedic skills. On the 6th week students, now turned comedians, will actually perform in a real show at a Long Island Comedy Club.

"I've known Peter Bales for over twenty years, and I highly recommend Stand-Up University. I just hope the thing gets successful enough so he can buy chairs for the students and they can eventually sit down.  A bit more seriously, if you want to get started in the comedy business, or just have a good time performing on stage, Stand-Up University is absolutely the best route... with the smartest and funniest guide."

Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, 
National Comedian 
Former head writer of The Howard Stern Show

Stand Up University is one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life. You guys are AWESOME. Taking this class has changed my life in so many ways. For those of you who are thinking about it or those of you who are afraid to death to do it... let me tell you "DO IT."  These guys really know what they are doing. The classes are great, a lot of fun, and the good news is, these guys will not let you fail. They are there for you.

Whether you want to be a comedian, whether you want to just have some fun, or whether you want to get a great gift for that someone you know...I'm telling you, give Stand Up University a try. I did and it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. If I can do it you can too.

John J. Glozek, Jr.
Stand Up University Graduate
Publisher of Golfing Magazine


"I worked with Peter Bales in the eighties when he directed The Laughter Company so I know he does an outstanding job.  As Eppy Epperman would say, Stand-Up University is "EXCELLENT!!!"

Bob Nelson, 
National Comedian
Headliner and Actor

"I began my comedy career on Long Island and I've known Peter Bales for years. Believe me, anyone who dreams about doing stand-up comedy owes it to themselves get up and give it a try... and Stand-Up University is really a great way to get started!"

Kevin James, 

Major Motion Picture Star of Chuck and Larry,
Mall Cop & Grown Ups, CBS's The King of Queens  


Hey guys!

I just wanted to thank you all so much for everything I had a great  time and I really appreciate all the advice. Also thanks for the awesome spot #8 was perfect lol. Keep me posted on the next class I def want to take it again to get some "clean" material. Thanks again you guys are awesome :)



Rich, Peter and Steve,

Your class helped to incredibly and positively transform Jordan, my son. You could say that it was a great life changer!!!! I knew he would love the experience and the chance to hang with his old man (both Father and Son took the class). I just couldn’t have imagined how it would have impacted his life.

As a business minded person, I see this comedy class in a bit of a different light, maybe? Just in case you’re not aware, you boyz are onto something bigger than comedy; and that’ s a big compliment. You tapped into the psyche of the human spirit. Very powerful and cool stuff. BRAVO!!!! I wish you much success…..

Hope to see you all soon. Have a great Holiday Season,

-Shelly Goldman


Phil Stanley (the one liner attorney) and I both auditioned at the New York Comedy Club in the city today for a spot.  We both seemed to do pretty good.  We then both did THE COMEDY CELLAR in Manhattan, and, not to brag (although I guess I am), a bunch of people (comics included) told us that we were the best two acts of the show.  A few people were surprised that we have only been doing this a short time.  I keep telling every single one of them to check out your website or call about Stand Up U.  Phil and I were talking after going on the auditions and then doing the Comedy Cellar, and it is amazing how more comfortable we seem to be on stage.  We haven't bombed. Its all because of the class, and again, we can't thank you guys enough. We saw so many other comics today, playing with the mic stand, twirling the mic wire, long and longer setups, etc.  Thanks again for all your help!

Chris Williamson,
Comedian, Alumni Stand Up University


I want to thank you for letting me be a small part in this thing called Stand-Up U. It is a privilege and an honor to know you guys. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thanks again for the stage time. I hope you feel that I have earned it, because  that is my motivation for coming down and contributing to the students. I cannot believe it has been 5 plus years. I have learned a great deal from you guys and hopefully someday I will put that knowledge toward a successful comedy career.

George Rini,
Comedian, Alumni Class Assistant

Dear Rich, Steve and Peter,

Last night I performed in a show at NYC's Gotham Comedy Club, it went great. I don't mean to sound immodest when I say, so far in my career, I had the opportunity to perform on the same bill as Emo Phillips, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. To say comedy for me has been a very cool experience, is an understatement! I wanted to say thanks for getting me into comedy, and giving me a forum to get a "running start" four years ago. I'm at a point where the phone is ringing with paid gigs, I'm doing some roadwork in Connecticut and New Jersey, some corporate gigs this Spring, and I also have an upcoming spot on "Saturday Night Live" as an extra.

I'm bouncing around NYC, making contacts/friends, performing and having a blast! The tools that "Stand-Up U" have given me are only registering now, because now that I am consistently getting on stage they are so relevant. Many times, I find myself saying, "Oh, That's what those guys meant!" I also left your classes with a set of material that I could truly call my own, and learned the integrity of writing and performing my own material. Much of the material that I had written in your class I still use and have become somewhat signature pieces, helping me to establish a distinct character. I just wanted you to know that your time and hard work has made me a comic that writes and performs with great pride and always strives to keep getting better. So, thanks again.

Tony Colletti,
Comedian, Alumni Stand Up University

Suddenly the spot light is on you and you speak.  To your astonishment, everyone laughs, which is just what you wanted.  It seemed a minor miracle to me, but thanks to three great teachers at Stand-Up University and their wonderful time and talent, I became a graduate, performed stand-up comedy and found that it was a blast!  Somehow they manage to take the funniest parts of you and pull them out onto the stage for everyone (including yourself) to see!  And the next thing you know, you are having one wonderful time!  Thanks go to Peter, Rich and Steve for taking my insanity and making it something to laugh at...in a very good way!

With gratitude and laughter,
Louise Campbell
Comedienne, Alumni, Stand-Up University

Hey Rich, Peter & Steve,

I just wanted to thank you guys for putting Stand-Up U together. I had a blast, learned the art and met some really nice people. I now  never have to say "I should've". With the help of you three, I can officially scratch a dream off my bucket list. You've also have given me the confidence to pursue it even further. You guys have definitely earned my appreciation, respect and lifelong gratitude.

Elvis (not by choice)






I am half-way through Stand Up University and I can not wait to receive my GED as promised by Peter, Rich and Steve.   Seriously though, I can undoubtedly say this was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I had been thinking about taking the class for quite a while, and now that I’m doing it I can’t wait to take it again.  I have always been petrified of public speaking, yet in only a few weeks I feel much more comfortable, even as I’m on stage with a Microphone in my hand.  While I hope to do well and get a few laughs when I make my Comedy debut shortly, I  already consider this class a smashing success  as me and my buddy have had an absolute ball!!    The best part of the class for me has been how much Peter and Rich really enjoy teaching the nuisances of comedy, and how much they genuinely love to laugh with you.  And if that doesn’t do it for you, they will supply you with endless pitchers of Ice Water, and you may be even able to snack on some of Rich Walker’s Nacho crumbs that he swiped from the Brokerage Kitchen.  As Rich famously said to his wife when she was reluctant to accept the ring from him - "Just do it!"…. Take the class, you'll be happy you did!

Marc D. Herschmann 

Dear Rich, Peter & Steve, 

Just a note to tell you that what I learned from attending Stand-Up University has helped me in my shows. As you know I am a Stand-Up Comedy Magician and I performed at colleges years ago. I stopped performing for colleges because I felt old and out of touch with that age group (I am after all, old enough to be their grandfather now). I recently performed at a college using the new comedy material created for me at Stand-Up U and I was a big hit.I went into the show with a new attitude that age has nothing to do with the performance.Combining my comedy magic with the stand-up knowledge I learned from you guys greatly enhanced my show. My opening diabetic line grabbed their attention and I had them for the rest of the evening. Thanks for giving me the ammunition to work with, as it was indispensable. I know I will continue to grow as a comic based on what I learned from attending your class and I cannot wait to come back for another "semester"

Magically and Comically

Steve Rodman


Last night was such a testament to how awesome you guys are, and how much you know your stuff. I just performed in the first round of March Comedy Madness 2011. It was only the second time I've ever been on stage. (The Stand Up University graduation class was the first). I went up against a guy that's been doing comedy for YEARS and I spanked him like a baby. I kept it simple, clean and personal....and it was a big hit. The things you and Peter taught in class were absolutely instrumental in making my performance a success. Ready to kill it in round 2....I'll keep you posted!  Spoiler: (Joe didn't make it to the end but made it to the final "Sweet 16" round which is amazing! ) 

Joe Lloyd

I just got home from Graduating from Stand-Up University at the comedy club ~ It was truly one
of the greatest nights in my life. I can never thank Rich Walker, Peter Bales and Steve Lazarus enough for all that they gave to me in 5 short weeks ~ I will keep it with me in my heart always and forever. I told them as I was leaving that I felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and they are my Tin Man, my Lion and my Scarecrow ~ Thanks to them I learned that it was inside of me all along. They nurtured and supported me and helped me to learn the "Art" of Stand-Up and for this I will be forever grateful! Thank you for my Diploma and thank you for giving me a night I will always remember. 

Carine Ulano
Stand-Up University Alumni

I absolutely love comedy! You know looking back I'm glad back in March my cousin's wife Kristen invited me to a comedy fundraiser for her kid’s baseball team. Because it was that night I saw Rich Walker perform who had me laughing so hard I was crying, God, Rich you are so funny and after the show we chatted. I am truly learning from the best!!! Oh Peter Bales and Steve Lazarus know a few things too! LOL. Stand-Up University is the truly the best place to learn the art of comedy n PS. You learn a whole lot more than comedy. I am meeting n making good friends all the while enjoying what I truly love doing. 


Manny Erias
Stand-Up University Alumni

To Peter Bales, Rich Walker & Steve Lazarus,

I have met many people in my lifetime, some good some bad, had my ups and downs, doors have opened and closed... but when I knocked on the door of Stand Up University ... you  welcomed me with open arms...you gave me hope and guidance to fulfill one of my lifetime dreams...I am honored and proud to be a graduate of Stand Up U....I will be eternally grateful to you.. for giving me the opportunity to change my life...thank you....... you guys are the best.

Bob Liardi
Stand-Up University Alumni


Hi Rich,

I just wanted to personally thank you for all of your help during the course. I had never had that much fun in my life. This experience was truly life changing for me. 6 months ago, I would have
never imagined myself standing up in front of an audience telling jokes. But you guys gave me the confidence to do that and I am so grateful for it. I had always dreamed of being onstage but I just didn't have the confidence to do it. And now all I want to do is get back on that stage again and again! And I really thank you guys for giving me the courage to do so, you really changed my life.


Christian McCarren
Stand-Up University Alumni



Ok, so The Big Night was last week. I waited until after the 'critique' class tonight to give my 2 cents on Stand-Up University. I highly recommend it. I am a 'quiet' person who grew up on the shy side. I learned to be funny on the sidelines- very stealth, very behind the scenes. Rich, Peter, and Steve managed to teach me how to gather up the nerves, the jokes and my 'essence' and get the heck on stage. And, it was as life changing as they promised. Inbox me if you need any more pep talk to TAKE THIS COURSE!

Thanks Rich, Peter and Steve!


Debbie VanVleck
Stand-Up University Alumni

Dear Rich, Peter, and Steve,

I want to thank you for all your help. You made graduation night sensational. You are the three hardest working professors I ever had. (It might not say much, since I only completed the sixth grade). It's obvious you don't punch the clock or make a lot of money doing Stand Up University. You do it out of love. I so appreciated that you worked hard with me and every student, and you didn't leave until you worked out our punch lines. I worked as an attorney for 30 years. I've tried and argued cases, with some cases involving complex legal and factual issues, and I believe doing standup comedy is more difficult. In my field, sometimes you need the Court of Appeals to decide cases. In your field, the audience gives you instantaneous feedback. You are the best. You have my gratitude. (Please don't call me as a character witness).

Three cheers to you and Stand Up University!
Larry Newman


Larry Newman
Stand-Up University Alumni







Follow Your Dream . . .To Be A Comedian

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